Feminist Acting Class is a series of experiments to determine if the form and content of an acting class can both be made feminist. Created by Gina Young in 2016, Feminist Acting Class shakes the foundations on which actor training is built. With an approach incorporating scene study, theory, consciousness raising and community-building, FAC can be presented in formats ranging from a weekend workshop to a 90-minute lecture, and is equally valuable to actors, directors, and educators. Feminist Acting Class aims to expand the possibilities for women, trans and nonbinary people, in theatre and beyond.



Feminist Acting Class has changed my teaching, my acting, the way I think about myself as an artist, the way I foster community and connections, and the way I approach working with others. THANK YOU!

Sallie Merkel

It's community building; it's a space to discover plays by women, trans and nonbinary playwrights; it challenged me and opened me up, and it has changed my life for the better.

Lex Ryan

I had no idea Feminist Acting Class would lead me to write & perform my own show! Gina is a brilliant artist and director who possesses an uncanny knack for pinpointing the artist within the actor and guiding you to go further than you ever thought you could.

Amber Hurst Martin

Feminist Acting Class helped me to be braver in my work, grounded me in my voice, introduced me to crucial feminist theater in LA, and started friendships that are my everything.

Audrey Dundee Hannah

Your session on Feminist Acting Class and your own personal journey was wonderful and enlightening. It dovetailed perfectly into the hot topics of intimacy and gender imbalance. So many of the directors and choreographers expressed how thankful they were to have you involved.

Ernest Figueroa, Directors Lab West

I've met people I have formed real relationships with, professional and personal. We've shared jobs, resources, and moral support. We've performed with each other and/or amplified each others work. It's freeing, and something new.

Becky Poole

A beautifully gentle and exuberant space in which I was able to stretch myself artistically and reach a level of authenticity and vulnerability that I didn't think was possible.

Sarah Furgatch

Feminist Acting Class is a 100 percent good idea for women and non-binary babes who want to be SEEN and HEARD as they actually are, instead of purely how the tired industry machine casts them.

Kait Schuster

Gina is a highly intuitive and skilled artist, so you could not be in better hands. You will learn, laugh, and make new friends! Do it!

Monique Reymond



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