"Gina Young's script had the entire audience by the metaphorical balls; Young is able to manipulate language to provide endless laughs."
- New England Theatre Geek

written and directed by gina young

A joyful, dance-filled romp through the bedrooms and classrooms of a group of girls growing up in the 90s, Tales of a Fourth Grade Lesbo follows three writers of different ethnic backgrounds through a series of flashback vignettes that explore the subtle forms of homophobic bullying that all of us, queer AND straight, experienced growing up.

Tales of a Fourth Grade Lesbo has been produced in Los Angeles at Highways and the Carrie Hamilton Theatre at the Pasadena Playhouse. It has been produced by Flat Earth Theatre in Watertown, Massachusetts and had a staged reading at the Prism Play Series in Minneapolis. It was a Semifinalist for the Asuncion Playwrights Project.

"...finally, a theatrical representation of 90s childhood that doesn’t shy away from the many subtle types of bullying, the frequent dance routines, or the weird Barbie sex..."
 - Autostraddle