"...a playful piece with passages of delicious wit and an almost scholarly appreciation for pertinent nuggets of historical rhetoric..." -StageRaw
“...blatantly funny and curiously esoteric...”
- AfterEllen

sSISTERSs is a new punk musical about three sisters who may or may not be witches. Trapped in the drawing room of an old Victorian house, they take on famous triads in a psychedelic, stream-of-consciousness trip through time that explores shifting ideas of sisterhood. Who gets to be seen as a sister, and why? With a live band, haunting three-part harmonies, and throwbacks to the secret rituals of girlhood, sSISTERSs explores memory, family, mortality, queer feminist identity, and the struggles of being a woman artist.


sSISTERSs was presented at USC’s Visions & Voices series in February 2017. It was developed through the Studio Series at REDCAT and was a finalist for the Beatrice Terry Residency at the Drama League in NYC.

“An incredible experience. Go go go.”
- Clementine Ford